Good roommates make things sooo much easier

It’s 6:50 in the morning and I hear my alarm clock go off. I roll over and try to hit the snooze button when I am hit by a pillow wish someone telling me, “If you don’t get up right now, I am going to pour a glass of water on you.” That would be my lovely roommate Liz, trying to wake me up so that we can sign up for classes for the spring semester.

The school is letting all new freshman start signing up for classes at 7:00, and Liz and I want to be ready to get online so that we can get the classes we want, it feel s like a rat race, who is going to get which classes first. The clocks click to 7:00 and Liz and I start to sign up for our classes. I happened to be using a friend’s computer, this previous Monday by computer decided to die on me, so I had to get a new one on break, which starts tomorrow. But anyways, I’m using my friend’s computer and it seems to not be letting me on the internet. I keep trying and trying to no avail. I finally feel like I should give up when Liz finishes and says that I can use her computer. I am so grateful for this and I finally get all but one of the classes I want.

Once Liz and I had signed up for classes, we decided to go back to sleep because we still had an hour to wake up. Right before I drift back off to sleep, I think to myself that I have a really great roommate. We have never had a problem and I was happy it was that way. That was one of the biggest fears about coming to college for the first time, having a roommate that would be horrible and cruel to me. But my worries were not proven correct, I met Liz on the first day and we have been friends ever since. If there is a problem, which there has been nothing big just whose going to empty the trash can, then we talk about it and no biggie. Having a great roommate has made my freshman year a lot easier, and makes things all the more better here at UVM.


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