Here we go again

Welcome back to UVM for semester #2. Just as a heads up to any readers, I have not reviewed my past entries. The first reason for that being laziness, and the second to keep my thoughts more authentic and unaffected by what I would have seen that I had written.

So, I returned to school after a rather short, three-week vacation, one week before MLK Jr. Day. I had one day (Sunday) to get re-settled, and then I had most of Monday to do…not much. Mondays and Wednesdays I have no class until 5pm, so the first Monday, I had little to do.

My classes this semester are as follows: Mondays and Wednesdays, from 5-8pm, I have Emergency Medical Technician–Basic class. For this class, I also have four Saturdays from 8:30am to 5pm. Tuesdays and Thursdays, I begin at 8:30 with POLS021, American Political Systems with Professor Burke, a low-key, thoughtful, über-intelligent man with a deep knowledge of politics – something relatively arcane to me. Next I have ENGS057, Race and Ethnicity in Contemporary American Literature (D1 and English requirement) with Professor Turner, which is an extremely thought provoking class to say the least. From there I go to EDFS055, Schools and Society, with Professor Killeen, but I think I would just call him Kieran. This class is a continuation of EDSC050, with almost all of the same students, and it is just a great class anyway. After a three-hour break, I have University Concert Choir rehearsal with Professor Neiweem, and while it is worth only one credit, I feel that it is a great use of my time. I have no classes on Fridays.

My schedule is set up in a wholly bizarre way, giving me 24 hours between when classes end on Tuesday and when classes begin on Wednesday. I find myself killing a lot of time, and I definitely need to push myself to stay focused, because with the open times, the only pressure I have is from myself. So far, it’s working out, though I do have some disrupted sleeping patterns. At the same time, I have more time to go to the gym and play fiddle (at different times!).

Finally, this semester I have an all-points meal plan. Basically I pay 1391 dollars for 1350 points, and one point equals one dollar at any dining facility on campus. Prices do not match up from location to location, but this is a much better plan than my block-meal plan last semester. I have lost the weight I gained last semester (and have added muscle mass) and I have many more options for food. Unless you play football, all-points is the way to go. This plan also requires that one use restraint and budget him or herself throughout the semester, so responsibility must be learned.

As Ben Parker says in Spiderman, “With great power comes great responsibility.” I say, with great freedom this semester comes equally great responsibility


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