Back from break

While away on Christmas break, I was feeling a mixture of feelings about returning to college. I was excited to be returning due to the fact of seeing all my new friends that I had made thus far but, I was a little nervous because it was time to start new classes, and new classes meant new teachers. My first semester at UVM was awesome. All my professors were great about making a class of one hundred feel like twenty, which was awesome. After such a great first semester, I was a little nervous to see how my new teachers were going to be, where they going to be able to compare to those first semester teachers?

So, I went to my first class of the new semester, a written expression class. I arrived a couple of minutes early to see if I might have any friends in the class, and found out that I had none. Having no friends in the class made me a little more nervous because I now knew no one in the class and still had no clue how the professor was going to be. After scanning the classroom for a couple of minutes on the best place to sit, probably looking a little lost, I sat down in the middle next to this girl that I had never before. We exchanged a hello and made little side conversations that helped ease my nerves a little. After being in my seat for a just a couple of minutes, the professor walks in with a welcoming smile on her face asking us how we were all doing. After she spoke those first couple of words, the one thing that ran through my head was this class was going to be just as great as all my other classes at UVM. My professor explained to us what was expected while we were in her class, and from that day on I knew I was going to enjoy being in written expression. Our professor let us students have a great headway on what we could write on, but secured enough discipline so that we were not ranting about ponies and unicorns. It was an awesome first class for the start of my second semester.

After that first class, I went to the rest of my classes and realized that I was silly to worry about the professors for this semester. Each professor had a wonderful personality and was great at making a larger size class feel like a miniature size discussion group. If there is one thing that I have learned from that first day of classes in my second semester, is that UVM has great professors who know what they are doing in the classroom. I will never feel the nerves again on wondering how “good” a teacher is going be. I will only look forward to what is being taught in the class, and having a good time while learning what is going to be taught.


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