Back at it

The 2 things I’ve learned in the past two weeks: Learn to say NO. and Schedule time to eat.

So far this semester I’ve been so busy with class, work study, mock trial, and homework I haven’t gotten a chance to breathe in that cold Vermont air. I find myself yearning for Winter Break. It was so great to be home, to see all of my friends, and to sleep in my own room. Not to mention showering without shoes on!

I really tried to focus on spending time with my family over break. Christmas and my birthday (which is on New Year’s Day) have always been days devoted to family. And that is exactly what we did this year. We spent Christmas Eve at my grandma’s house, Christmas at mine. I spent time with my little sister, trying to guide her through the awkwardness of being 12 (oh, to be 12 again–no thank you!)

For New Year’s Eve about ten of my friends and I drove up to Ithaca, NY. It’s a great town where a bunch of them go to college. We played poker and lots of fun party games. I really had a blast! It was great that all my favorite people from home got to be together to celebrate a year of so much hope and change to come, and of course, to celebrate my birthday!

The rest of break flew by, and before I knew it I was back in Burlington. It really is good to be back – to my second home, despite all the work. I savored every minute at home and I’ll do the same here.

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