A Semester in Review

I did a lot, but did I get a lot done? I would have to say that I grew as a person. High School Senior Latimer could challenge College Latimer to just about anything but Calculus, and High School Senior Latimer would lose. I don’t know if that’s a good measure.

I gained weight from my funky eating schedule due to a shoddy meal plan. At the same time, I was more physically active than I ever had been in my life (aside from a week at the Vermont Police Academy). I ran more miles than I counted. I biked over 300 miles. I swam more in one semester than I did in a summer of lifeguarding.

While I gained an undesirable amount of gut, I am in the best shape of my life.

Intellectually, I feel that I did learn, so UVM was successful. Academically, I have a 3.93 GPA, so I was successful at jumping through UVM’s hoops. The only strange thing about said hoops is the grading system. Number grades from classes have no bearing. 106% for the semester is the same as 96% as far as a GPA is concerned, but 90% is not the same as 96%, even though all of the grades start with “A.”

Socially, I still look at any of the connections made as rather fake. There is a kind of fake cheeriness between lots of people, which helps avoid unnecessary strife, but is simultaneously eerie. As I said in my previous entry, I am looking forward to seeing some people. And others, well, they are a part of my experience now, but next year, they will likely be gone from my experience, and that is that.

One last odd thing. I formed some kind of bonds with some of my professors, and enjoyed their classes, but unlike in High School, I will not be returning to them after Winter break. Theoretically, if I do not take another class with them, I may never speak to any of them again. And while every one of my professors knew me by name by the end of the semester (take that as you wish), they have so many students, they will likely forget me altogether. I may have been somewhat special in High School, as are all students, but no longer, at least not in my classes.

I guess as a whole, I would view my first semester as a success. We’ll see what happens next semester, which begins next week! Yikes! I must go order my textbooks!

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