The word dreaded by college students everywhere. But looking back on them, they weren’t too bad. Of the 5 classes I took last semester, 3 of them had exams, on was a final portfolio, and the other was a presentation.

I was so stressed over the exams, until I started looking over the material and realized I knew most of it already! Wow, I did learn stuff this semester! So I took it day by day. I scheduled myself into two hour segments of studying, picking one topic for each segment, depending on when the exam was. It seemed to work out for me pretty well.

In between all the studying, it was great to be able to hang out with everyone around the dorm. We’d all go to breakfast together, and then hang out in the lounge, or watch movies to give our busy brains a break. I ended up having to stay an extra night because there was a HUGE storm on the last day of exams, and that was my favorite night of the semester! A bunch of us were snowed in, and we went sledding and ordered food and had a blast! So, overall, finals weren’t half bad.

Things I learned during finals week:

1. reading during the semester pays off

2. get SLEEP!

3. everyone gets sick, take vitamins and wash your hands

4. if you do get sick, buy some medicine and emergen-c ASAP

5. give yourself a break! studying for a week straight is just going to exhaust you

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