As I mentioned in my last entry, I had only two exams during what was considered exam week. The others were either during regular class time, non-existent, or on the Friday before the last week of school, so I went home to ski and relax that Friday night. I could have hung out, but I just did/do not feel that connect to the UVM “community.”

As for the assessments themselves, I was expecting frighteningly difficult tests, but they were not too difficult. History was the same as the midterm, except we had more time to complete it. English was just the fourth of four non-cumulative tests, taken on the last day of class. French was in multiple parts, and, well, I just loved that class. Psychology was a nasty piece of work, and it happened to occur on the last day of exams, in a snowstorm, which made for tricky driving (mainly because of other people on the road). It was made of 170 multiple choice questions, which were not too difficult, because they came largely from the online quizzes I had printed and studied the night before, but the amount of time and concentration required for a subpar form of assessment was new to me. For education, our Service Learning Project groups had to give presentations. Public speaking does not rattle me too much; I gave the Valedictory address at my High School, so a talk in front of 60 classmates was not too intimidating. But I was graded on my speaking – that shook me a bit, and I talked a bit too much (from my and my group’s point of view), but that did not affect our grades!

Overall, I think I was inordinately fortunate with my assessments. They were spaced quite comfortably, and they were not oppressively difficult. I saw a lot of students studying though, much more than I did, so perhaps my experience is not representative of the typical experience.

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