Midterm season

Midterm time rolled around, and a feeling of tension arrived on campus. My suitemates buckled down and studied for numerous midterms. Either midterms are actually not a big deal, or I lucked out in a big way.

The only assessment I had that was labeled as a “midterm” was for history, which was an open-note, open-book, in-class, non-hyphenated essay, with a list of five essay questions from which to choose, and we were given the general topics in advance. For psychology, I had three in-class exams and a final exam, but nothing at mid-term time. English: Four, non-cumulative tests, open-book and open-note. It just happened to occur at midtermish time, and I think I forgot about it until the morning of the test. French was such a fun class that I do not remember if I had a test around mid-term time. Finally, for education, we had to reflect on the semester so far.

I don’t really know what to make of midterm stress. Midterms are, I guess like all assessments, at instructor discretion. The idea of them seems kind of silly to me. A semester is roughly 3 months long, and a midterm would come after roughly 1.5 months. I had tests spaced that far apart in High School. Midterms happened at the 3-month mark…that made sense to me.

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