Moving In

I can still vividly remember move in day, even more than 2 months later. It was sunny and hot out, and I woke up in the bed in the hotel room sick to my stomach. “How am I ever going to be able to do this?” I thought. Even though I had looked foreword to college so much, when the moment arrived to actually go I was panicking.

We pulled up to Coolidge hall and there were people everywhere. Parents unloading cars, students trying to fit their stuff in their new rooms, little siblings running about, and UVM staff directing all the traffic.

Being in a forced triple, we had to do tons of rearranging to get our living situation to work out well. Luckily the three of us had big, strong dads to do the heavy lifting. Once my things were moved in, my bed was properly made, and I picked up my textbooks and laptop the time inevitably came when my family “had” to leave. We slowly walked outside and hugged and kissed. I promised to call my mom that night, told my little brother and sister I’d send them text messages, and just hugged my dad. He and I both knew we’d keep in touch. I shed a few tears, and so did my mom. They got in the car and drove away.

I was alone. At college. With 2,500 some new freshmen.

I walked back into my room and started organizing and putting up posters and pictures. I was terrified, but at the same time I felt free! I could do whatever I wanted! MY roommates and I made small talk, trying to force the “get to know ya” period. It was awkward. But be assured, now we’re pretty tight. One of my roommates and I were up until 3am the other night just talking! It took time, and now I know that.

The first few days on campus are weird, but fun. There are tons of forced social activities that surprisingly were beneficial in getting to know the people living in our community! I started forming a routine, and got to know the people in my hall. Every day I feel more comfortable and more like UVM is home.

I find that although many of the typical stereotypes of college are true, it’s part of what makes it so exciting and fun! We decided at the beginning of the year to have an “open door policy”. This really has made it easier to get to know each other. Dorm life can be so fun, because everything is centered there. Here in Coolidge, we’ve given haircuts, made meals, and played cards together. Laundry time turns into chatting about almost anything. They are really becoming my family.

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