Move-in Day

Move in day is exciting and frightening. My move-in day was pretty typical. I arrived before my roommate so I was able to choose the bed next to the windows, but while I was gone shopping, my roommate and his family set up his part of the room to give me close to no room, with his de-lofted bed and desk across the room, but I communicated how cramped I felt and in a couple days I reclaimed some space.

The bathrooms in my suite were a little small for my liking, but I shouldn’t complain. A 5:2 person to bathroom ratio is unbelievable for college. And a small bathroom is easier to clean. Unfortunately and unjustly, I am the only one to have cleaned our bathroom so far…new responsibilities abound at college.

Generally, living on campus seemed okay at first, though there is very little, if any, personal space. The opening weekend activities reinforced the fact that I was not really living at a big high school; I was in a totally different world. Administrators swearing at large meetings?! Cool, but different. There are tons of people. Everyone was trying to meet as many people as possible, and my ability with names went out the window as soon as I arrived (I still don’t know some people’s names even though I see them almost every day!). Everyone was coming up to me, and everyone else, introducing themselves, saying what college they were in, where they were from, where they live on campus…all of the common topics. Everything moves really fast at college, and there is always city noise. Those are two first impressions that have not yet been disproven.

Food? It’s college. Everyone complains about the food. My family grows almost all of our own food, and it is fresh, delicious, and full of life, so to speak (no, we don’t eat our cows alive!). The food here is “dead” and soulless, if that makes sense. One can go eat a ton of food and feel bloated, but that nothing of any value entered his or her body…and this college food seems to exit the system faster than home food. And I am truly irked. The freshman 15 is not a myth. Though the food has no value, it can stick to your ribs. I have biked over 300 miles in the two months I have been here. I have gone to the gym often. I have gone swimming. The campus is huge; there is a lot of walking. In short, I have been more active here than ever in my life, and I have still gained some gut (gained about 5 pounds, probably 1 pound of fat)! My advice: go with “all points” and do not care to eat much at the “all you care to eat” dining facilities.

In short, my first impressions are largely still my impressions. College life is fast. City life is fast. College is not oriented towards those who like to go to bed early (9 or 10). There is always something to do; if you are bored, it’s your own fault.

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