Allow me to introduce myself

Hello. My name is Latimer. I am a first year student in the College of Education and Social Services at the University of Vermont with a major in Secondary English Education. I have lived all my life on a dirt road in rural Enosburg Falls, VT, on a subsistence farm, where my family grows fruits and vegetables, as well as raises cows, chickens, and occasionally pigs. During the summer I work as a Lifeguard at Smugglers’ Notch Resort. I enjoy alpine skiing, mountain biking, hiking and walking in the woods, playing golf, and working out. More than any of those, I love to play traditional fiddle music from Ireland, Scotland, Cape Breton, Quebec, and New England. I was the youngest student in my class at Enosburg Falls High School, the recipient of the Green and Gold Scholarship (full tuition for Vermont residents) and the Valedictorian of my class of 69 students.

After that brief introduction, you can probably see that I am from a small town in a relatively isolated area of the world, so my transition to college life was, and still is, able to be likened to taking George, your goldfish who has lived only in a three-gallon aquarium, and throwing him into the Caribbean. UVM has almost 10,000 undergraduates and Enosburg Falls has almost 2000 people, for a numeric comparison.

I moved in to Living and Learning in the Emergency Services program and it took a few days to meet everyone else in the program, but everyone is pretty cool, and the Wilderness and Nature programees across the hall are always up to some amusing antics. I made an effort to get involved in some activities/clubs. I joined the Cycling Club, the Golf Club, and the Old-Time Music Club. Also, I joined the L/L ResHall Council and became an Inter-Residence Association representative for all of Living and Learning. I am also a part of the Student Advisory Board for the College of Education and Social Services, which is why I am writing this blog. Living and Learning is an awesome place to live – there is always something going on. My favorite program is Rhythm and Brews Coffee House from 9 until 11 every Thursday night. Some weeks there is a band or other professional performer, and other weeks there is karaoke or open-mic night. I have performed at open-mic night twice (and my picture was in the UVM Cynic!).

And of course, some people may be interested in academics. I go through my schedule in chronological order. Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, I have English, History, and French. American Literature (ENGS023) is a great class. I have Professor Hesterly Goodson, and some days the conversation is so successful that I don’t even notice that it is time to leave until Professor Goodson looks at the clock and cuts us off. For United States History (HIST012) I have Professor Buchanan, who has an awesome British accent and presents information in an easily coherent manner. French (FREN052), with Mme. Drolet, is a challenging, and engaging class to which I look forward every day. Next, Tuesdays and Thursdays I have Education and Psychology. Exploring Education (EDSC50), taught by Lia Cravedi, Jennifer Prue, and Theresa “T” Akerley is possibly my favorite class introducing students to a professional degree/career in education. Finally, I have psychology (PSYCH001) with Professor Rudiger and approximately 170 other students in a lecture hall only slightly smaller in capacity than my high school auditorium. This is my most eye-opening class, and it presents a lot of information pertinent to my degree, though such a large class is distracting sometimes. Overall, I am academically satisfied, especially with the fact that [currently] all of my classes are taught by the actual professors.

And while I will never be completely used to constant, ambient city noise, like emergency vehicle sirens at inconvenient hours of the day, the reverse signal of the garbage truck that comes faithfully every Friday morning, and the air circulator that seems to have something stuck in it, close to my bedroom window, also while I still miss home, I will say that UVM offers a myriad of possibilities for people with a myriad of interests. There is something here for almost everyone, thus concluding my introduction to college life.

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