Human History

Humans have been using the Salmon Hole for many years.  The most obvious detail is the huge dam that creates the slow pool of water that is Salmon Hole.  There were once many salmon running upriver to spawn, but the dam has greatly impeded their spawning ritual.  People have caught these salmon for hundreds of years, but there are not many here now.  Lake Sturgeon were also very commonly found in Salmon Hole, but they can no longer reach their main spawning grounds either.  They were also fished to the brink of extinction.  My goal for the spring is to photograph a lake sturgeon in Salmon Hole.  They spawn around the rocky coves, but there are not many of them.  There are tons of walking trails that go down river of the dam, right through the center of my site.  Despite being in the middle of a city, there are quite a few old growth trees.  The forest is a mess of large trees, rocks, smaller trees and bushes, so it has been relatively undisturbed in the past decades.  A fair amount of garbage and cans lie on the ground.  I have found two wooden shelters as well.  I think that homeless people might stay in the wooden shelters, but I never saw any.  Overall, Salmon Hole is a popular spot for fishing and outdoor recreation even though it is surrounded by city.

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