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Admin bar update

The admin bar at the top of pages on is very useful, and the “My Blogs” menu that shows up when you’re logged in is probably the easiest way to choose between your blogs and post new content to them.  Until now, the only blogs listed there were the ones to which you had […]

Comment spam protection

After some vendor delay, we have licensed and enabled the Akismet comment spam filter for all blogs. Comments posted in response to articles on your blog will automatically be checked for spammy content so that you will be pestered less often for comment moderation. If a spam comment does get through, simply mark it as […]

New Blog Theme: UVM 2010

A new theme, “UVM 2010”, has been made available with the look of of recently updated UVM main web site. This theme builds on the features of “UVM 2008”, and includes color variants, a small gallery of included banner images to choose from (or you can upload your own), three customizable widget areas, support for […]

UVM Blogs upgraded to WordPress 3.0.1

The UVM blogs service,, has been upgraded to WordPress 3.0.1. This new version supports custom post types and easily created menus, the blog admin pages have been streamlined and now have a better help system, and many other things have been improved. For an overview, watch this: In addition, WordPress 3.0 includes a great […]

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