Climate and Diversity Subcommittee Update from 11.20 Meeting

The subcommittee on climate and diversity met on November 20. At that time we shared information that we had gathered through speaking to various persons on campus since our previous meeting. The persons that subcommittee members met with represent a wide variety of individuals (faculty, staff and students) who work, teach or learn at UVM. Our goal in speaking to these persons was to gain insight on the types of situations being experienced and what we as a college might do to improve climate and diversity. The subcommittee is in the process of comparing these findings to our current resources, other institution’s resources, innovative practices, and creative thought that will inform our future recommendations. Lynne Bond has provided the committee with a starting point worksheet based on our charge from the Dean. The worksheet document is a productive starting point for us to align our goals, priorities and future recommendations. The committee began working through this document at our last meeting and will continue to share ideas through emails leading up to our next meeting. We will continue to connect with individuals on campus who will provide more information on experiences in climate and diversity areas and we will continue to discuss and align our findings at goals at our upcoming meetings in December.

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