Student Experience Committee off to a great start

What’s great about students’ experiences in CAS at UVM now? What are the support structures, co-curricular services, and instructional strategies currently in practice that are particularly successful? What gaps do we see that could be addressed through action goals? And what’s going on in other universities and colleges that might be worth looking into?

These are the types of questions this CAS strategic planning committee is grappling with. We had our first meeting Oct. 17 in which we received an overview of the process from Lynne Bond, asked questions related to our tasks and goals, and then divvied up the 2013 list of “peer and aspirant peer” universities to identify interesting strategies they use to enhance their students’ experience. Each member of the committee will look into one institution from this list, as well as one of their own choosing that is not on the list. We’ll compare notes and findings at our next meeting, Oct. 31. We’re particularly interested in considering our own and others’ “high-impact practices” (such as internships, service-learning, experiential and community-based opportunities) as these have been found to enhance student learning, help make connections between theory and practice, and aid in skill-building.

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