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Setting Intentions Toward Your Success

So much is new right now. New year. New semester. New course load. New schedule. New calendar and email system. Change can be challenging, but there is so much that is exciting to embrace in the newness. Seeking the new

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Studying Effectively for Your Finals

With the semester winding down and your final papers, projects, and exams on the horizon, the final push can seem daunting. This time of year also increases the temptation of late nights, massive coffee consumption, and hitting the pause button

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Doing Good Doing Well: Sustainability

End of semester time = papers, projects, exams, plans. The to-do list seems endless but how we attend to each task is key. What can you do so you can do well in all you are juggling? Don’t wait until

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3 Tips for Surviving Finals

Another finals season is upon us and another school year is winding down. The finish line is close and it’s time to make this one last surge count. You can plan to succeed by following 3 basic tips:

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Feeling Stuck in the Mud? Help is here!

This time of year can be rough in Vermont. It’s supposed to be Spring – but it doesn’t always feel that way. It’s been a long academic year and it’s easy and common to lose motivation, feel tired and stressed

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