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Let’s Talk About Self-Care

We’ve finally made it to May, the last leg of the marathon, and it’s time for a serious chat about self-care. Transitions are difficult, and May is full of them; from graduating (yay!), or starting an internship, May is the

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Rejuvenation 101

To rejuvenate means to make fresh and new again, feeling better or more vital. 2017 has come with a lot of information and to-do lists. Evaluating truth, lies, making plans, meeting deadlines, engaging in your community—these can be all exhausting

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School-Life Balance: Finding Your Center

Life requires balance. College can be more than demanding.  Is it possible to reconcile the two? As a UVM student, you may be handling a large academic workload, participating in extracurricular activities, planning for the future, and staying engaged with

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Ready for Finals? A Creemee Might Help

It is that time of year again- the lake has thawed, creemee stands are opening, the temperature is warming up…and you are diligently studying for finals. Here are some tips that can help you conquer finals week with your sanity

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The Importance of Reflection

You are halfway through the semester and have earned a break from classes through a gift known as Spring Break. Maybe you’re spending the week on vacation with friends and family, or catching up on research for your thesis. Perhaps

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