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Interviews: Leaving Space for Stories

Congratulations, you’ve successfully submitted your application to a recent job posting and have been invited to interview! What can you do to prepare? Consider the power of stories when answering interview questions.

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Surviving a Lousy Internship

Internships are often talked about as a make-or-break experience for your career: They can propel you into a future job, give you important skills, and grow your resume. So what happens when your internship is less-than-stellar? You don’t like the

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Embrace Failure: Find Success

Recent alum Rob Benner shares his advice on making the most of your time at UVM and finding success in the job search.

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Six Steps To Create A Job Shadow Opportunity

CEO John Evans and Gretta Groves, VITL, 2017 Job shadowing is a great way to make connections and find out what a job is really like behind the scenes. Here’s how you can create a job shadow opportunity for yourself:

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Welcome Back! Jumpstart Your Goals and Plan to Succeed!

“Today I close the door to my past, open the door to my future, take a deep breath and step through to a new life.” –Unknown Author As we enter into a new year, you might be asking yourself how

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