Senior Series: Interviewing

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Advice from an Employer to Help You Land the Job

When a candidate is invited for an interview, I’m looking at how the candidate’s background coincides with the position’s responsibilities, whether it’s through experience or skills they’ve gained in school. I’m also looking at the candidate’s level of passion –  tone of voice communicates what they do or don’t know about the company and the role, as well as their confidence.

It is completely natural to feel nervous prior to an interview, but when you prepare yourself, you will be more self-assured. Look at the position’s job description and be able to convey to the interviewer how you meet each responsibility.  Continue reading

Summer Planning

Aerial shot of Burlington waterfrontEven though you may be thinking more about bundling up right now, this is the time to set the stage for your summer plans. Here are the steps you can take to be sure that you’re ready for a productive, experience-boosting summer:

Keep your eyes open for opportunities.

Postings for internships, research opportunities, and part-time jobs are all coming up on listservs, Catamount Job Link, and sites like LinkedIn and Start keeping a list of positions and opportunities that interest you so that you know what you need to do to apply. Continue reading

Researching Employers

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When we need a job, it can be tempting to accept an offer without knowing what we might really be getting into. Alluring job posts (sometimes arriving through social media and random emails) often look really attractive, promise a big financial return, or sound too good to be true. Sometimes, there are reasons to be wary.

As college students, this is where your research skills come in handy.  Here are some tips for vetting positions: Continue reading

4 Reasons Why You Should Attend Career Center Workshops

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  1. By attending a workshop, you’ll have the opportunity to receive information from a trained Career Peer Mentor who will pay close attention to your needs and help you find the answers to your career related questions.
  2. Do you know what a tagline is for a LinkedIn profile and why it’s important? Should you use an objective statement on your resume? Or do you know the best strategies on how to find internships or how to get started on your 4 Year Plan? If you don’t have the answers to at least one of the questions above, then you should attend one of our weekly workshops in the Career + Experience Hub, Davis Center.
  3. You’re going to pass through the Davis Center anyways, and you can pick up a yummy Feelgood sandwich either before or afterward.
  4. You’ll start the year off right by taking the time to reflect on your career journey, and to top it off, you’ll receive a FREE Career Center water bottle!

Here are the topics, days and times:

  • LinkedIn Mondays- Mondays (11am-2pm)
  • Resume Basics: Mondays & Thursdays (4:15pm-5pm)
  • Internships 101: Tuesdays (4:15pm-5pm)
  • 4 Year Plan for Career Success: Wednesdays (12:15pm-1pm)


You just went to the Career Fair. Now what?

Randi Blender, Enterprise Holdings

Tips from a recruiter.

So you attended yesterday’s Career Fair. You may be wondering what to with the interest you now have in some of the companies you spoke with.

First, sort through the material you collected. Did you get any business cards? Follow up and write a thank you note to the people you spoke with (look for their email address on the business card). Look at the companies on their website, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Glassdoor to learn more and decide if you really want to apply and interview. (You can also follow them on social media.) Find out if any classmates or alumni work there, and if so, try to connect with them. Continue reading