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Networking Nights: A Student Perspective

“Our success has really been based on partnerships from the very beginning.” -Bill Gates As a senior at UVM, I had finally approached the time where I had to start researching and applying for jobs. I had held various internships

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Making a Career Transition

When thinking about making a career change many people might question whether or not it is worth their time, energy and resources to follow through with it due to the overwhelming feeling of the process. However, when people start reflecting

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Savvy Seniors: New Year! Let the ride begin!

Here’s a little inspiration from Story People “off on another adventure of a lifetime & hoping he won’t forget halfway through this time” Set your compass, raise the sails, and keep on breathing!  Here are a few things to pack

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Savvy Seniors: It’s a Small, Small World

It’s commonly said that we’re separated, at most, by six degrees of separation from any other person. In their recent book, the start-up of YOU, Reid Hoffman (cofounder and chairman of LinkedIn) and Ben Casnocha discuss the 1967 study that

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Savvy Seniors: Let’s get Started

Welcome back Seniors! It’s here, Senior Year, your final year at UVM. Surprising how quickly time has gone by? Your Senior Year is sure to be the same: a blur of homework assignments and social activities that’s over before you

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