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Doing Good Doing Well: Sustainability

End of semester time = papers, projects, exams, plans. The to-do list seems endless but how we attend to each task is key. What can you do so you can do well in all you are juggling? Don’t wait until

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3 Tips for Surviving Finals

Another finals season is upon us and another school year is winding down. The finish line is close and it’s time to make this one last surge count. You can plan to succeed by following 3 basic tips:

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Living with Intention

Welcome to a new year, a new semester, a new day! Let it be a great one as you lead your own life with intention. Life does not begin when you graduate, when you grow up, when another day arrives.

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Doing Good, Doing Well: The Power of Intention

‘So much to do and so little time to do it!” This could be the slogan for these times with endless deadlines, constant connection, and the relentless question: “so what are you going to do with your degree?” Yes, there

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The Work of Loving the World

“My work is loving the world. Mary Oliver How do we hold core life questions such as: What is our work in the world? How do we love? We tend to focus on work as a way to pay the

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