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The Work of Loving the World

“My work is loving the world. Mary Oliver How do we hold core life questions such as: What is our work in the world? How do we love? We tend to focus on work as a way to pay the

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Wanted: Socially Responsible Employer

It is common knowledge in today’s society that corporations worldwide face a fundamental struggle: the struggle to find a balance between profit and ethics. The question has always been- can a company be successful and ethical?  This is an incredibly

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World of Work: Deanna Cameron ’91, Ronald MacDonald House Charities

Deanna Cameron ‘91 Program Coordinator Ronald MacDonald House Charities – http://www.rmh-vermont.org/ Burlington, VT Major: Social Work What motivates you to go to work everyday? I’ve always been someone who needs to really believe in the cause that I’m working for,

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Doing Good, Doing Well: Making Good!

On Friday, April 20th, 2012, Billy Parish spoke at UVM regarding his book Making Good: Finding Meaning, Money and Community in a Changing World. His book covers six steps to take in order to “make good”: Reflect, Adapt, Connect, Design,

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Doing Good, Doing Well: Four Core Elements of Doing Well

Belonging, Independence, Mastery, and Generosity While to-do lists and deadlines are important to moving forward in our lives, clarifying our own intentions can move us in the direction we really want to go. The Circle of Courage, a strengths-based development

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