Using the Alumni Tool on LinkedIn

Screenshot of Find Alumni Tool

The LinkedIn Alumni Tool is an information goldmine! Whether you are researching companies, career paths, or majors, this tool allows you to learn what fellow UVM’ers are doing after undergraduate or graduate life on campus. Continue reading

5 Easy Things to do After the UVM Job Fair

Student speaking with employer at Job Fair


Congrats on making it to the Spring Job Fair and completing another task on your 4 Year Plan for Career Success! Before putting it all behind you, take a few moments to make the most of your efforts thus far.

  1. Get organized.

You likely have a handful of notes, fliers, papers, and business cards from the people that you met. Great! Review that information now, while your short notes and abbreviations will still mean something to you. Follow up on the suggestions employers gave you. Check out/Bookmark websites of organizations you want to keep an eye on. Stay connected!

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