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Switching Sides of the Interview Table

Have you ever wondered what it is like to sit on the other side of the interview? How about what it is like to be the person accepting resumes? If you haven’t thought about the flip side to recruiting, then

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International Students: 4 Ways Hanging Out Can Help You Land That Job!

Welcome to Vermont and UVM. The time has come to get involved in your college experience and get to work. Many students will be looking for jobs and internships in the coming months and hanging out* with other student or

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Professionalism—So What Exactly Is It?

Congratulations! You’ve landed that first job—and you’re ready to start. Now those same folks who were asking: “What are you going to do when you graduate?” are giving you advice to get started: “ Remember to be professional!” Professional is

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Savvy Seniors: Interviewing- 5 Tips to Get the Job!

Graduation is almost here – all your hard work is paying off.   After the celebrations fade, reality will set in.   Time to get a job. Before the job, comes the interview, are you ready to rock it? Get Ready: Research

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Learn about the Interview Process

For some, conquering an interview is simple. For others, controlling our nerves enough to respond to questions is a feat in itself. Regardless, along the way, everyone will learn something from the experience. Some might land a job after their

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