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Working Your Plan

Dreading those summer “What are you going to do with your life?” conversations with relatives and friends?  Here’s your answer: “I’ve got a plan and I’m working it!” The 4 Year Plan for Career Success is just that—a well-defined road

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4 Reasons Why You Should Attend Career Center Workshops

By attending a workshop, you’ll have the opportunity to receive information from a trained Career Peer Mentor who will pay close attention to your needs and help you find the answers to your career related questions. Do you know what

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The 4 Year Plan for Career Success Will Get You Sorted Out

Why did you decide to go to college? Have you spent hours agonizing over all the possibilities? Or are you just starting to think about the future? Regardless of where you are or what steps you have taken, the 4

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Join Us at the Career + Experience Hub

As our one-year anniversary approaches in October, we reflect on the past year and smile because it was a successful year with visits from various students. Yet as the academic year commences, there are still some students who hesitantly come

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Savvy Seniors: How will YOU define your final year at UVM?

“Is life a bowl of cherries?” There’s a lot of metaphors for what life is and how one chooses to live it. You’ve probably heard everything from the food comparisons (“life is like a box of chocolates” or a bowl

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