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Working Your Plan

Dreading those summer “What are you going to do with your life?” conversations with relatives and friends?  Here’s your answer: “I’ve got a plan and I’m working it!” The 4 Year Plan for Career Success is just that—a well-defined road

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4 Reasons Why You Should Attend Career Center Workshops

By attending a workshop, you’ll have the opportunity to receive information from a trained Career Peer Mentor who will pay close attention to your needs and help you find the answers to your career related questions. Do you know what

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Savvy Seniors: Which One Doesn’t Belong?

In celebration of the start of your senior year at UVM and how far you’ve come since you began school long ago, let’s play “Which One Doesn’t Belong?” Orange Orange Orange Apple Square Circle Triangle Fish Book Hat Gloves Scarf

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The 4 Year Plan for Career Success Will Get You Sorted Out

Why did you decide to go to college? Have you spent hours agonizing over all the possibilities? Or are you just starting to think about the future? Regardless of where you are or what steps you have taken, the 4

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Seven Tips for Starting the School Year Off Right

Welcome to a new academic year! This is an exciting time on-campus and the first half of the semester is a critical time to set the foundation of success this year and beyond. Here are 7 ways to get the

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