Savvy Seniors- Networking with Professionals in Your Field


Happy 2012 Seniors!  This is the year you will become a college graduate!

As you look to the future, here are three words of advice for you: Network, network, network!

Perhaps you are wondering what networking really is and how to proceed?

Networking: What, Why, & How


Establish and maintain relationships. Have conversations with professionals. Develop connections over time.


Learn about industries and companies of interest. Discuss current trends and hot topics in your field. Discover potential job opportunities. Establish yourself as a reliable professional.


Remember it’s about building relationships. Show interest in others and ask open-ended questions. Follow up on networking leads. Keep in touch.


Everywhere. Formal networking events. Dinner with friends. Volunteering in the community.


Now. Tomorrow and the next day. Consistently. Networks are built over time.

Use the resources below to help you craft your personal approach to networking.

Great Networking Advice

On-Line Networking

Networking for Introverts

Network with UVM Alumni

Now return to the Senior Checklist for some additional tips and resources on networking, including a Networking Tracking Sheet to stay organized.

Make 2012 the year that you find your Inner Professional Networker!


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