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  So you’ve realized you don’t want to follow your major’s “career path”? No problem! For example, it may seem natural that if you earn a teaching degree, you’ll become a teacher. However, holding an education (or any other) degree can qualify you for jobs in a …

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If you’re like most students, choosing a major while applying to college is intimidating to say the least. After taking general high school classes, you’re suddenly expected to know what specifically you want to do for the rest of your …

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You may want someone to give you the magical answer. There is no perfect formula that fits everyone. “What should I major in?” is a personal question that may take some time to figure out. Six Steps: Self Reflection: What …

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Undecided? Great! Some colleges use the word “exploratory” to identify students who have not yet decided on a major. It’s a great reminder that choosing a major can be a positive process that helps you make the most of your …

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Upon entering college, the pressure to choose a field of undergraduate study may seem overwhelming. Many mistakenly believe that this major will dictate the pathway of your life, when really it will become the foundation for any career. If you …

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