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Savvy Seniors: Market Yourself

3 Important Pointers for Success from Vermont Start-Up Localvore Today We at Localvore Today use the internet and e-commerce to highlight the goods and services of local businesses. We are digital marketers using technology and visual imagery. In everything we

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Savvy Seniors: Top 5 Mistakes that College Seniors Make

Welcome to your final year at UVM! Those who have gone before you have the wisdom of hindsight: knowing what they wish they had done differently. Here are some mistakes that you can choose to avoid: 1) Waiting until March

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Is the Cover Letter a Thing of the Past?

In a world where time is of the essence, many students ask whether or not they should use a cover letter for an internship application. Over the last few years this question has also been a discussion with Human Resource

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Starting Off Your Semester with Helpful Career Services Resources & Meet Our New Staff

Spring semester is here and arriving with it, right on schedule, is career stress.  Every day students come in worried about everything from majors, internships, resumes, career goals, and advanced studies to their purpose in life. How do students reduce

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