Are You Engaged Yet?


When reading this title you may assume it’s asking about a personal relationship with a partner and tying the knot, but it’s actually a question on whether you have connected yourself to any UVM campus activity. Whether you’re associating yourself with an academic department, an athletic sport, student group, or campus job. Becoming engaged with your UVM community can be an important factor for a successful collegiate experience.

Alexander Astin, a student development theorist and professional, stressed the importance of involvement and how it intrinsically effects the amount of intellectual and personal growth a student will experience during their college years, in his Theory of Involvement (1984).  The more involved a student is with their academics and social experience, the more they will grow and develop during those key years of their life.

As the supervisor of the Career Services Career Peer Advisor program, I look for students who have held a student position on campus whether it’s through a sport, leadership position or an involvement through a student organization.

If you are looking for a way to get engaged with the UVM community or to hear more about events on and off campus, check out the links below to help yourself get started.


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