Informational Interviews – Yes, That’s Networking!

Networking-- Connected Game Pieces

So you want to learn about a career path, make industry-specific connections, or gain insight on how to break into a field. An effective next step for all these situations would be to arrange some informational interviews.

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School-Life Balance: Finding Your Center

Person Balancing on Wire

Life requires balance. College can be more than demanding.  Is it possible to reconcile the two?

As a UVM student, you may be handling a large academic workload, participating in extracurricular activities, planning for the future, and staying engaged with your friends and family. When does it become too much? Continue reading

What I Learned in Yoga Class: A guide to understanding the international experience & needs

Rolled Up Yoga Mat

This summer, the University of Vermont (UVM) Career Center worked with alumni to pilot a job shadowing and networking event in Beijing and Shanghai, China. While on the trip, I was lucky enough to spend an hour in a yoga class. I was nervous and unsure of what to expect. I do not speak Mandarin and it had been a while since I had taken a yoga class. However, this class provided insight into the academic experiences of many international students. Continue reading

Millennials: Get Hired

Social Media Platform Logos

Advice on Personal Branding from a Recent Grad:

If you were to record a 15 second SnapChat video on who you are and why someone should hire you (sans ‘puppy’ filter, please) – what would you say? It’s a modern-day elevator pitch, asking one of the most important questions for today’s young career/adventure seekers, and most of us don’t have an answer.
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