Navigating a Networking Event – Advice from Alumni

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Alumni are a rich source of career experience, stories, and advice. Each year, UVM alums gather in different cities to connect with and support students at networking nights. Below is a compilation of suggestions from our alumni networkers on how to prepare and best navigate an alumni networking event: Continue reading

5 Ways to Stand Out After a Career Fair

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The communication you have with your targeted employers after a career fair are equally important as the first impression you made with them during the career fair.  Here are 5 ways to pursue a career opportunity in a professional and timely manner: Continue reading

Switching Sides of the Interview Table

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Have you ever wondered what it is like to sit on the other side of the interview? How about what it is like to be the person accepting resumes? If you haven’t thought about the flip side to recruiting, then maybe you should. After all, wouldn’t you like to know what the other side is looking for?

In the span of one year I went from having a student role to an employer role at the UVM Career Fair. What I have learned in both positions is that preparation is key. There are a few simple things that make for a good first impression: Continue reading

Senior Series: Interviewing

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Advice from an Employer to Help You Land the Job

When a candidate is invited for an interview, I’m looking at how the candidate’s background coincides with the position’s responsibilities, whether it’s through experience or skills they’ve gained in school. I’m also looking at the candidate’s level of passion –  tone of voice communicates what they do or don’t know about the company and the role, as well as their confidence.

It is completely natural to feel nervous prior to an interview, but when you prepare yourself, you will be more self-assured. Look at the position’s job description and be able to convey to the interviewer how you meet each responsibility.  Continue reading

The Importance of Reflection

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You are halfway through the semester and have earned a break from classes through a gift known as Spring Break. Maybe you’re spending the week on vacation with friends and family, or catching up on research for your thesis. Perhaps you’re spending the week in service, or you’re eating your way through as many home-cooked meals as possible. There are many ways that you might use this time and one additional thing you can do is reflect.

In our fast-paced world with the demands of life, it can be challenging to find times to pause, breathe, and reflect. However, some of our best learning occurs when we carve out time to consider the experiences we’ve had, how they shape us, and what we desire moving forward.

Reflection can happen in a variety of ways and you can explore which best meets your needs. For some, journaling with prompts can bring good insights. Others may choose to meditate on a quote or intention to find clarity. Having contemplative conversations with confidantes can shine light on things you never realized about yourself.

As you approach the second half of the semester and thinking about future career goals, spend some time considering:

  • Who and what matters to me in the world around?
  • How do I know when I’m doing my best work?
  • When I am living as my most authentic self?
  • What skills have I gained thus far? What new skills might I like to acquire?

Having regular checkpoints for yourself throughout your career will ensure that you are always moving in directions that allow you to grow and develop. Treat yourself to some reflection this break.

~Ashley Michelle