Networking: A Student Perspective

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Wondering how other students are approaching networking? Lily Fedorko shares her journey. She’s a senior Religion major and like many in the Class of 2016 – she’s looking for her first full time job.

1.You, like many UVM seniors, are currently looking for a full time job, how are you approaching networking as part of that search?

I am talking to as many people as possible. I was terrified of networking until my first informational interview. I then realized that everyone is eager to help someone who is just getting started. I am as terrified of the “real world” as the next senior, but I keep myself sane by knowing that I am taking action through meeting people. I also place myself in circumstances where I may run into someone I have already met in the field. For example, I am interested in arts administration. I met with the director of an arts program in Burlington and then promptly attended one of her events. I wanted to get in touch with her again and to show my interest in her programming. Continue reading

Summer Planning

Aerial shot of Burlington waterfrontEven though you may be thinking more about bundling up right now, this is the time to set the stage for your summer plans. Here are the steps you can take to be sure that you’re ready for a productive, experience-boosting summer:

Keep your eyes open for opportunities.

Postings for internships, research opportunities, and part-time jobs are all coming up on listservs, Catamount Job Link, and sites like LinkedIn and Start keeping a list of positions and opportunities that interest you so that you know what you need to do to apply. Continue reading

Researching Employers

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When we need a job, it can be tempting to accept an offer without knowing what we might really be getting into. Alluring job posts (sometimes arriving through social media and random emails) often look really attractive, promise a big financial return, or sound too good to be true. Sometimes, there are reasons to be wary.

As college students, this is where your research skills come in handy.  Here are some tips for vetting positions: Continue reading