International Students: 4 Ways Hanging Out Can Help You Land That Job!

Cartoon of two friends hanging on a wire together

Welcome to Vermont and UVM. The time has come to get involved in your college experience and get to work. Many students will be looking for jobs and internships in the coming months and hanging out* with other student or community members can help you gain job skills.

  1. IMPROVE COMMUNICATION: When you join a club or become a part of the UVM Buddy program you get an opportunity to talk with native English speakers. Just talking gives you the opportunity to learn local sayings and ways of navigating campus and the community. Improving communication helps convey thought and ideas to help you express yourself.
  2. BUILD RELATIONSHIPS: The majority of jobs are found through networking. The more people you meet and connect with the more likely you are to learn about cool opportunities. Having shared interests helps build those relationships. Connecting with people can reduce stress, create comfort when living abroad, and I bet you will have fun.
  3. GET THAT JOB: Being able to connect with people and communicate well allows you to walk into an interview or work with a team effectively and confidently. As an international student you have a lot to bring to an organization, learning US expectations of social skills will help you demonstrate what you bring.
  4. FIND JOY: When hanging out with people you develop skills that gain you self-assurance in your communication, a sense of place, and maybe a new interest. When you are happy it shows and when applying for a job or internship.

There is no time like the present to make a good impression and many opportunities at UVM to get involved and meet new people. The Career Center is here to support you in developing your skills and navigating your job search, so go hang out.

* to hang out means to spend time with other people

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