Changed Your Mind?  Find Work Beyond Your Major 


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So you’ve realized you don’t want to follow your major’s “career path”? No problem! For example, it may seem natural that if you earn a teaching degree, you’ll become a teacher. However, holding an education (or any other) degree can qualify you for jobs in a variety of industries including business, non-profit work, publishing, government and much more. You have developed skills through your coursework and activities, and there are plenty of positions that you can find outside of the expected career options. Identify your transferrable skills and match them with career fields of interest.

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Focus on the Fundamentals


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Photograph 047 by Lauren Mancke,

Does the Job Search have you stressed? Take note from UVM alum Josh Brown and focus on the fundamentals throughout the process.

Josh writes: It’s all about the fundamentals. While it is a cliché, paying attention to the basics can make a world of difference. I want to share some thoughts about key fundamentals during a job search.

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Surviving a Lousy Internship

Frustrated student looking at a computer

Internships are often talked about as a make-or-break experience for your career: They can propel you into a future job, give you important skills, and grow your resume. So what happens when your internship is less-than-stellar? You don’t like the work, the company isn’t what you expected, or your supervisor isn’t helpful. Was the whole thing a waste of time?

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Embrace Failure: Find Success

Thumbs up and thumbs downRecent alum Rob Benner shares his advice on making the most of your time at UVM and finding success in the job search.

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Six Steps To Create A Job Shadow Opportunity

John Evans and Gretta Groves on Couch at VITL

    CEO John Evans and Gretta Groves, VITL, 2017

Job shadowing is a great way to make connections and find out what a job is really like behind the scenes. Here’s how you can create a job shadow opportunity for yourself:

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