Would We Call That Healthy?!

Sometimes, I’m walking through a grocery store or at a restaurant and I see an item that makes me think, “Wow, America is awesome and ridiculous at the same time.”  Often, these items are foods reveling in the fact that they are absolutely not healthy.  In some ways you have to respect these foods, they know what they are, and they know Americans will love them.

There are few better examples than DiGiorno’s “Pizza & Cookies” and “Pizza & Wyngz.”


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Even though Pizza & Cookies and Pizza & Wyngz are obviously not good for you, they make me much less angry than foods that try to appear healthy, but are actually not at all!  Things like: Wheaties FUEL “energy bars” that have close to 300 calories.

and fruit smoothies that are well, ummm, large.

These products trick people who are trying to make healthy eating decisions into making poor eating decisions.

Lesson: read labels, and watch portion sizes.  Don’t let the food trick you!

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