Natural History of Bartlett Pond:

In contrast to that of Rock Point, the land around Bartlett Pond is low in elevation and composed of dark soil rather than exposed bedrock. Also in contrast to Rock Point, the tree composition at Bartlett Pond is composed of decidious trees including Maple, Birch, and Beech tree species. Along with having a significant overstory, Bartlett Pond also has a developed understory of woody plants and shrubs. Overall, the landscape at Bartlett Pond closely resembles a Northern Temperate Forest. Penologically, these tree species are still dormant for the winter. However, there are still several evergreens in the area that still have their leaves.  The pond itself is very swamp like, with shallow water depth and many shoreline plant species including cattails, water lilies, and other floating organic matter. Although the temperatures where cold,  the water itself was not frozen over. As for wildlife, a family of geese was observed at Bartlett Pond. The sound of frogs and other amphibious creatures could also be heard from Bartlett Pond. Although they were not observed, the area seems suitable for forest creatures such as squirrels, raccoons, etc.


~ by bsteven4 on March 19, 2017.

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