Things that are a mess: my room. my closet. my kitchen. my roommates’ rooms.

Things that are not: my cat’s litter box. my refrigerator. my desk. my bed (I make it every day).


You see, college is all about priorities… can someone tell me what not-college is like(?), because I can’t remember.


This past weekend we had our annual Winter Ball, a large event that we host at the Hilton in downtown Burlington! Over 600 UVM students came out in the 5degree weather to dance our feet off dressed to the nines! (that’s a thing, right?)

The event was hosted by Class Council, a club which I’ve been HEAVILY involved with for my entire UVM career – a statement which brings more emotion to my face (which thankfully you can’t see at the moment) than you can possibly imagine. I’ve worked with some amazing people and hosted some great events over the last 7 semesters, and we still have this one to go!


It’s my last Winter in Vermont (for a while, at least) and I’ve decided that mother nature is doing to me what I did to my parents just four years ago. As I withdrew from family life and grew anxious with excitement about my decision to attend UVM, I was really only trying to make it so that maybe my parents wouldn’t miss my teenage-self so much.

Well, mother nature is witholding her beautiful white&fluffy and forcing us to either kill our legs on the New England Hard-Pack, or find things to do off the mountain… I’ve been getting a lot of coffee and even found a part-time job.

I’m going to make the most of this last semester, because only now am I realizing that THAT’S WHAT IT IS!!! MY LAST SEMESTER OF COLLEGE!?!?

So, I’m making the most of EVERYTHING in the next few months. Being enrolled in only one course, my full attention is being used to apply all of the skills I’ve attained during my time at UVM towards saving a local, independent book store using some creative marketing and customer experience improvements!

Stay tuned… it’s going to be a wild winter… even if a seemingly-snow-less one!

Just Like That…

I’m a second-semester Senior!!! Well, assuming I pass all of my classes – but it’s looking good!

At 7:30am I made my final presentation of the business plan that has occupied at least an hour of every day of this semester. My little group of three produced over 50 pages of writing and 5 years of financial projections on a business that really should exist! We presented in front of our 20 person class, our professor and three guest “judges” all from the world of small business far-and-wide!

And with that, two marketing plans already submitted and a 20-pager on The Use of Professional Athletes in Marketing out of the way, I can declare this semester OVER!

So what now? If only we could get some of the MANY feet of snow we had this-time last-year, I would be eternally grateful so that I can spend my every day at Stowe!!!

Stay Healthy…

Runny Nose, achy bones – that’s what happens in shoes with no toes. In Vermont. In October.

Okay, so maybe I’ll never really be a poet… but it would be too mature for me to admit that maybe I should have retired the flip flops earlier! I got sick, thought I was better and then BOOM, sick again.

Good news is, I had myself some tissues, Netflix and a whole LOT of make-up work! My teachers were amazing in understanding that no sick person wants to walk up to class… or maybe it was that none of them wanted another ill student in class… either way, I received powerpoints by email and notes from friends, making me one happy camper!

AND JUST IN TIME TO HAND OUT CANDY!!! My roommates and I will be providing sugar and chocolate all night to the neighborhood children, and maybe stashing some for ourselves! HAPPY HALLOWEEN EVERYONE!

Only my favorite event ever…

This past weekend was easily one of the most beautiful that we’ve had in quite a while – the clouds parted way to bright sunshine and 70 – 80 degrees… and EVERYONE seemed to be taking advantage of it!

I was especially thankful for the wonderful weather because yesterday was, what remains MY FAVORITE BURLINGTON EVENT! I attended the Giant Pumpkin Festival/Regatta for the third year in a row and it was the best yet! I even got a sunburn… YES! The following is a series of photos that depict my wonderful, amazing day!

Cheating Pumpkin!

Someone got a free ride on that race... until her pumpkin filled with Lake Champlain and started to sink...











Fried Dough with Maple Icing... um, YUM!







And Finally: a crazy man jumping through Fire on Church St.















GOOD DAY? I think so!


We had our first Broomball game of the season on Monday… and it was a win! I scored my third-ever goal, which is pretty impressive when you take in-to account that many Broomball games end tied at 0 – 0. For those who don’t know, Broomball is a game where each of the two teams has 5 people on the ice in the rink (+ 1 goalie), a hockey helmet and a “broom” – essentially, a hockey stick that’s been cut before it makes the right angle.

I picked up my friend (and captain) Elyssa for a quick trip to WalMart where we picked up a large pack of White V-Necks, which we then properly destroyed with spray paint and sharpies!!! Needless to say, we were the best looking team! Seriously, what is a team without a uniform???

Coinciding with my  Broomball goal was another, pretty important one: since our games are between 10pm – midnight, I have to be pretty diligent with my schoolwork beforehand…

Senior year is hard (so far), but certainly not impossible… so my goal is simply to REALLY find that balance. I’ve always done a pretty good job with extracurriculars and school, but each has always suffered a bit at times when another becomes demanding. This year, I will keep that from happening – specifically with my schoolwork, which I feel I’m finally, TOTALLY prepared for!!!

I AM FIGHTING SENIORITIS, which I’ve decided to define as the dichotomy between “finally being totally prepared” and “not wanting to do anything.”

Sunset 9.18.2011

Went for a sunset walk with my roommate last night – it was beautiful, and I wanted to share it with all of you!

{Click, to make it big}

Senioritis Aint in my Lexicon!

I’m busy this semester… 18 credits-worth of busy. In the end, it’s probably better for me, because when you have so much work to do, it becomes pretty difficult to fall in to the grasps of senioritis – the enemy that destroys work ethic and attention spans of Seniors across the country, if-not the world!

Returning from such an amazing Summer certainly makes it no-easier to get back into the swing of things here on campus! I spent the month of June studying abroad in Florence, where I worked my butt off to fit in TWO classes while soaking in all of the beautiful architecture, AMAZING food and making new friends from around the world! From those two classes, I’ve officially received SIX transfer credits, bringing me that much closer to walking across the stage in May!

After returning to Amurrica just in time for our Nation’s holiday, I  ran back to Vermont without more than a few-days-delay, and settled in to my new house! I moved out of my small apartment that I shared with three other students, and in to a REAL HOUSE (!) with two of my good friends. As Seniors, we are cleaner, more organized and … well, we’ll see how that goes once we are too busy to even complain about being busy.

This semester, I’ll be writing a social marketing plan (topic of choice), a marketing plan for a local bookstore, as well as a full-fledged business plan for a company that one of my friends and I have created out of our minds!! THE GOAL – by the end of this semester, have three amazing pieces of work that I can show anyone my magna opera (plural for magnum opus, meaning “great work”) and be proud of this cumulative display of my previous three years of education!!

So… stay tuned!!!

My Own March Madness!

March has been CRAZY – and it shows no signs of calming down!

Last week we were all walking around in T-Shirts (perhaps a little too soon), and basking in what we thought was the beginning of Spring! Today… I’m sitting in my bed looking out at a grey sky that is desperately trying to get rid of its last bits of white fluffy goodness.

Spring at Mad River Glen!

Spring Skiing at Mad River Glen!

Spring break came the second week of March, and it was NECESSARY! There’s something about Spring Break that feels so deserved, and really kicks-off the end of the semester! We are in the final (long) stretch until the end of school, and it’s going to be great! Spring in Vermont is AMAZING: mountains make the smooth and muddy transition from Spring Skiing to Spring Hiking, restaurants begin moving some tables outside, but best of all, people are walking around with their heads up and eyes open instead of hiding inside of our down-filled casings.

Spring is also a great time where we all get to look forward to next year, already! Advisors have been sending the annual email asking students to come in and talk about course registration, where we get to plot out the next semester or two! Many clubs and organizations begin recruitment in the Spring, looking to have a solid base of participants when September comes around – no worries, they do it again in the Fall too!

Basically, Spring is a great time around here, and I can tell you, it’s definitely the time to visit Vermont if you’ve never been… just give mother nature a week or so to figure her-self out!

Well, it’s happened – the season has arrived where people spent too much time outside in the “white and fluffy” with not-quite enough layers on!

I went to Rite Aid (just a few blocks down from my house) last night on a desperate search for Nyquil, only to find that they had sold out of almost EVERY cough & cold remedy produced! Thank goodness for college students and their apparent inability to reach the back of the shelf, because there was one combo pack of Theraflu “Warming” Relief syrup… and relief it has brought! This is a friendly reminder to keep your feet dry and head warm for the rest of the Winter… thanks Grandpa…

Anyways, this was probably the worst time to get sick! This semester has picked up with a vengeance and it’s starting to take it’s toll in hours of sleep (probably another thing not helping with the health situtation). However, this is when it all comes back to time management! I’ve been getting my homework done instead of catching up on my TV shows – a sacrifice my parents will be happy to hear about – but it’s all of the meetings! I love my extracurriculars, and haven’t quite reached the point of being over-extended, but I’m walking a VERY thin line!

It’s just hard to think about dropping anything when EVERYTHING is so exciting! We’re just beginning recruitment for new tour guides, and it’s stressful trying to weed through SO MANY amazing candidates! Also, Class Council is in the midst of planning an Etiquette Dinner with The Emily Post Institute! It’s going to be a great night where attendees will learn all of the basics behind dinning and interview etiquette (something we will all benefit from)!

Well, it’s off to get some sleep, hopefully! Stay warm and dry and healthy!

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