Final Visit to EAP of the Semester

Date: December 8

Weather: Bitterly cold, windy, snow flurries

Time: 2pm

In the past few days, snow accumulated. Unfortunately by the time I was able to get to Ethan Allen Park, most of the snow had melted so I was unable to look for animal tracks. One key difference I noticed was the color of the ground. During previous visits, the ground was littered with brown pine needles. However, during my most recent trip, many of the needles became a pale tan. I also discovered some small patches of grass poking through the needles. Overall, the ground transformed from a blanket of brown to a mosaic of brown, pale tan, and green.

The two juvenile Eastern White Pine trees on my site displayed an interesting pattern. The smooth bark was broken up by periodic bands of splitting. Sap was dripping from the cracks in the bark. A sketch of this pattern is shown below.


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