First Looks

In order to get to my place, enter the Centennial Woods trailhead, continuing past the evergreen clearing and the bridge over the brook. Once at the crossroads opening, continue straight and slightly to the left, following the curve of the path to the right down to the brook. The center point where I have based my place around is the small group of trees on top of the slight hill before the bank of Centennial Brook. I chose this location because of its mix of both land and water. I can sit between the trees while listening to the brook, watching the squirrels in the brush on the other side of the bank, all while being nagged by a rather vocal crow (who I’m hoping will become a good friend by the end of this journey). It’s a peaceful location positioned just far enough from the trail to be secluded, allowing oneself to embrace the smells, sights, and sounds of the forest.

Vegetation is fairly sparse in my place, with just a few ferns scattered on the ground. The bank of the brook is soft and muddy, and the slight hill on which the trees are positioned is blanketed in layers of fallen pine needles. Some trees found in my place include: many young and mature Eastern Hemlocks, a few Eastern White Pine, a Norway Maple, and a White Oak.

(Photos by Bre Ellis)