Middleton MA Phenology Spot

https://www.google.com/maps/d/edit?hl=en&mid=1KAeci__M0WaEFKFL6Mb40BS-1tqG91lF&ll=42.61416658183627%2C-71.00492639999999&z=18 Coordinates: 42.61416, -71.00492 Here is a place of great cultural and natural significance, a yard whose perimeter has stayed constant for centuries. This traditional maintenance has allowed for the development of needed old-growth forest, and created a defined line of which hardwood oak forest surrounds grass pasture. The forest has marked age from its developed […]

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This week, the phenology of my site has shifted further into the reaches of winter. Leaves have fallen completely from their deciduous trees, and the weather has become crisp and harsher. Additionally, wildlife noises have come to silence, as birds have parted on their migration towards warmer temperatures in the south.   The birds have […]