What’s in Airport Park and how has it changed since last visit?

The park was a lot quieter today, not a bird nor squirrel could be heard or seen. This could be due to the nearby construction that was occurring all day. The shift in weather was becoming more obvious as the trees were more bare and the weather colder. The only organisms seen were, humans and dogs, spiders, plants, lichen and fungi. The humans and dogs were there to play and get energy, spending the last few days they can outside before the snow comes. Spiders have their webs set up in one place if its secure, which it seemed to be hence why it was there. Most plants are dying but a few can be seen still alive. Lichen and fungi are breaking down what is dying for the year, like for example, the leaves and trees. They are also taking advantage of the the nutrient rich soil due to the breakdown of organisms. Mapping helped me get a better idea of where everything is and where nature starts becoming more prominent over suburban areas in the park.