Final Red Rocks Park Visit


On this weeks lovely Wednesday, which was one of the hottest days of the week, I took a trip to my phenology place. The sun was trying to shine bright, but clouds were blocking it. When getting off the bus to my phenology spot lots of people with smiles on their faces and dogs could be seen taking advantage of the warm weather. As we continued to adventure further into the park the muddy paths had dried and lots of small orange berries could be seen on the ground. When getting there not much had changed to the Eastern White Pines, but the area had pinecones and pine needles cleared form land by park maintenance.

The nature found in Red Rocks Park provides an area where peoples culture can mesh together making an enjoyable experience.  In this place, people and their companions can take in the lush vegetation while benefiting their health. Along the trails, these likeminded people coming from different backgrounds can engage in conversation over their dogs, the weather, identifying the vegetation and animal tracks, getting exercise, or just loving to be outdoors. Lots of people who use these trails seem to have a deep appreciation for nature and are dedicated to coming here year round as well to notice the varying changes. Even dog walkers always bring their dogs here on early Sunday mornings so they can frolic in the woods. This is a popular spot for families too. They make lasting memories while being outdoors, that can turn into traditions. A few of them own sailboats or kayaks venture out onto Lake Champlain. After a long day on the water, they return to the shore, especially in my area where the Eastern White Pines are located. If you haven’t noticed already there are many picnic tables and grills that people can use to sit and bond with one another while being outdoors.

I consider myself a part of my phenology place. Though taking frequent visits and seeing the changes taken place throughout the different seasons I have developed a sense of place. Also, learning about vegetation in my area as well as wildlife has contributed to this. There are many enjoyable moments at Red Rocks Park that will be missed but will always be remembered.