Second Visit to Red Rocks Park

Changes at Red Rocks Park

When visiting Red Rocks Park there were many pine cones and colorful leaves that were covering the ground while the sun was shining through the autumn colored trees making it a beautiful sight to be seen. There were also many families walking their dogs, picnicking, and sailing on Lake Champlain.  However, no grey squirrels were seen looking for nuts or geese heard by the water calling out to each other, compared to the first journey to Red Rocks Park. I tried to look for any birds nests or squires hiding up above in the trees, but I had no luck in finding them. The eastern white pine in my location where still standing tall, but they had lost a lot of their pine needles and pine cones that were once on the trees. The loss of the pine needles could have resulted in less coverage for the animals making them not want to create a nest in the trees. Another reason could be that the change in season from summer to fall will cause colder temperatures to occur making animals either migrate to another location or go into hibernation.  Also, there were two trees a Red Oak and White Oak located to the left in the picture I took where they were changing to an orange-yellow color, which is due to the change in season.









All photos in blog post were taken by me