Introduction to Red Rocks Park

How do I get to Red Rocks Park?

  1. Go to UVM Medical Center take bus 2 (Essex Junction that goes to Burlington)
  2. Arrive at the DTC and take Pine Street bus 5.
  3. Once you have gotten on bus 5 get off at GMT Administration Office
  4.  Then walk 520 feet down on Central Ave. and you will be at Red Rocks Park
  5. When you have seen the sign for Red Rocks Park take a right and walk straight then take a left when trails separate
  6.  Continue walking down the trail until you see a long tree stump on the left.
  7. Take the left turn and continue till you see an open area where many picnic tables are

Why did I choose Red Rocks Park?

Red Rocks Park has 100 acres of land that is located south of Burlington. The park offers many trails that vary in distance and are easy for people of all ages. I was a little hesitant to pick this location since it is far away from campus and takes a long time to get to, but after visiting the park I was thrilled that I chose this spot. One of the highlights of the park is that there are many people walking their dogs on the trail which was great to meet all these furry friends. Another was that you get a view of the water and can go swimming or cliff jumping, coming from the ocean state I missed the water very much. Through visiting this place every other week I hope to gain a sense of place and develop a love for the landscape of Vermont.

Vegetation in Location and Other Observations

From my spot on the picnic table, the land had been mostly cleared, however, there was lots of Eastern White Pines and other types of trees that were closer to the water where White Oak, Paper Birch, American Beech, White Ash, and Red Pine. On the ground, there were tons of dead pine needles and grey squirrels looking for acorns or beechnuts. They also could have been scattering nuts for winter by burying them in the ground. I had a view of the Lake Champlain where the water sparkled in the sun and heard many geese calling to each other.

Google Maps Location

All photos in blog post were taken by me