Mapping and Charismatic Species

There are a few species that stood out to me at Salmon Hole. These species include salmon, buckthorn, dogwood, sumac, glossy privet and mushrooms. I’ve discovered that an app called picture this is very useful in helping identify plant species. All you have to do is take a picture of the plant and it identifies it for you. This made identifying the species at Salmon Hole a much more enjoyable process. First, I chose Salmon (or in this case, a dead Salmon’s skin) because we are at the tail end of the Winooski Salmon run that happens every year. I fly fish and spent a lot of time casting in the hopes of catching a Salmon. As far as plant species go, I chose the species that stood out to me as the most unique. For example the Red Osier Dogwood’s berries are a stark white that are contrasted again red twigs and leaves. I frankly just thought that it was a beautiful plant. This applies to all of the plant species I chose, most of the leaves have fallen to the ground at this point, so many of the species I chose have berries that remain on the plants. The soils at Salmon Hole are very shallow and rocky, so all of the species that are present have to be able to do well in disturbed soils. Lastly, I visited Salmon Hole the night after some light rain, so the trails down to the water were dotted with mushrooms. Mapping this place reminded me of just how close it is to very developed areas, and how lucky we are to have such a beautiful place in a developed suburban sprawl.
Glossy Privet at Salmon Hole
Red Osier Dogwood at Salmon Hole
Alder Buckthorn at Salmon Hole
Staghorn Sumac at Salmon Hole
One of the mushrooms that I encountered on the trails at Salmon Hole
Yours truly casting at Salmon Hole

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