A Radical Change of Heart

So, in a bizarre turn of events I have radically changed my future plans. I want to go into nursing. Yes. Nursing. For so many years I’ve held a lot of strengths that I couldn’t quite find a linear job to accommodate: warm, friendly, outgoing, likes people and a fast walker. When I took all of those into consideration I realized how perfect nursing would be! I also wouldn’t have to hear, “You’re going to be broke after college because you have a degree in classics.” No joke, people have said that to me. 

The growing job market for nursing is awesome; room for improvement and a good starting salary are good enough reasons to get me on the bandwagon. I’ve been looking into accelerated programs, because I’ll already hold a bachelors in another degree. I was reading some programs will even help you out with the cost because there is such a high demand for nurses nationwide.

It’s already nearing the end of my junior year and I’m glad that finally I have a career plan to strive for. I hope that I’ll be able to stick with it once I decide to go into it. Im good at studying so throw me a book and I’ll have at it!

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