Start of the Spring Semester

Spring semester of my junior year has finally rolled around and it’s hitting me how close I am to my senior year. It’s scary. So many questions about where I want to go and what I want to do.

My classes are awesome, I’m taking 3 classics classes, 1 Art history class and a CDAE class. All of these subjects I have a very keen interest in and I’m happy for that. I have to admit I did slack off a bit my last semester and my B+’s showed it unfortunately. I think this semester, knowing how disappointed I felt about last semester, will drive me to get better grades. Although when it starts to get warm out I don’t know how strongly that will hold up 🙂

At my new job I’m getting hours during the week so I’ll definitely have to have a very structured schedule to accommodate studying and preparing for tests (something I could’ve been better at last semester). I like that though , I feel I can’t work well unless I have a fire lit under me, hence why I’d sometimes wait until the last minute to do something.

On another note I have to get started on my Peace Corps application, I’ve been really dragging on it lately. I suppose it’s because I find it hard to put into words how badly I want to go to another country and learn their culture. How can you really convey your true feelings through words? You can’t. I’m way better about talking to someone about what I’m passionate in, rather than putting it into words.

The other day in my Egyptian history class we were watching a movie about the Nile. This group of people went down the Nile on rafts and tracked their adventures through an amazing documentary. Watching it I realized that was exactly what I was looking for when I go abroad. I want that sense of adventure and adapting to a radically different way of life that I’m used to. It seems weird but I feel like going abroad can help you get over your fears. I’m terrified of spiders and the dark. I want to travel to South America, home to some of the most disgusting and deadliest spiders in the world. Ya, I’ll have to get over that phobia when I have a spider as big as my face running around…

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