My Life is Meme


For those of you who don’t know what a Meme is here is the urbandictionary  definition:

“A ‘meme’ doesn’t have to be funny, provocative or even make sense. Most memes fall into one of three categories:
– ‘Quirky’ stuff that isn’t funny.
– Pathetic stuff that fills you with vicarious despair.
– Revolting pictures that could be presented to some alien jury as evidence that humanity is cancer”

So basically memes are these hilarious cartoons and pictures that pertain to your life and all of its average, embarrassing or otherwise internalized moments. These pictures convey the thoughts that you keep inside because you believe  you must be the only weirdo who thinks of these things.

If you still don’t know what I’m talking about go to google and type in MEME, go to the tumblr websites because those are generally the funniest.

^^^^^^^ LIKE THIS ONE!

I first noticed this meme movement last year (my sophomore year) when a certain poem ended up on a certain someone’s door. The next day a “pokerface” meme was placed over it, I had no idea what to make of it. Was it good? Was it bad? Either way it was pretty embarrassing. In the end i found that it was neither good nor bad, ya still doesn’t make much sense.

I’ve just realized how many times I’ve used the word embarrassing in this blog entry, mostly because I keep forgetting the second R and have to keep retyping the stupid word.

My god, I am illiterate. How am I in college….

But I digress.

Embarrassing. I’ve used that word a lot because it pertains to about 93% of everyone’s daily lives, some more than others, aka, me. Being a junior I can now reflect on so many of the things I’ve done throughout my college career….and I wonder how I have friends. I truly wonder that sometimes. For some reason my friends will never abandon me no matter what embarrassing thing I do and I sure do some pretty embarrassing things.

But laughing at the memes everyday gives me hope that every embarrassing moment can turn into a laugh. Although some shenanigans will take longer to laugh at; right now, ya too soon.

The thing to remember is that there will be a lot of embarrassing moments in college, it’s pretty much expected.

Nobody cares, unless it’s really creepy and stalkerish, then it might be awkward for a year or two. Because probably when you did that embarrassing thing in front of that one person that one time you didn’t think you’d see them every other day and have to endure those super awkward knowing looks  that you were that creepy person that one time at the one place and that person never wanted to see again either.

Again, I digress.

So no matter what pitiable, horrible, super awkward thing happens to you, people will forget about it……in like ten years…..or maybe never. But those people are probably going to become  losers and you don’t want to know them anyway. 😀


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