The Blackest of Fridays

I will never understand why people feel the need to get themselves into such a tizzy over Black Friday. People get mugged, pepper sprayed, mauled, run over and even killed because of mob mentality surrounding Black friday. So you get some good deals, but are they really ‘deals’ when you consider the cost of your nerves, sleep and physical well being? I think not.

There are plenty of good sales going on that aren’t on Black Friday yet people still flock to the stores to stand outside in the cold at 4am or even earlier!

I had the lovely privilege of working on Black Friday. It was super busy but overall not too bad because our store was well staffed and prepared for the onslaught of ravenous customers. However, the day after was horrible. I don’t know why but we were just as busy if not busier than Black Friday.

Christmas is coming up though, only a month away! I seriously need to figure out what I’m getting people!

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